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Business Services
          In addition to providing certified business appraisals, we offer a broad range of additional services to the business community.
          Whether you are selling or buying a business, the process is the key. Superior results are produced by superior methods.  As M&A intermediaries we offer our services to buyers or sellers of small to mid-size companies.  

          Our M&A firm, Northeast Business Intermediaries, is a business advisory company that specializes in business sales throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.
          The ability to analyze national and local economies, industries, profile similar businesses, and knowing specifics on individual companies help determine the value of a particular business. We customize services for each client by crafting a strategy and plan that suits their specific needs

Services to the Seller include:
Recasting the financial statements, establishing an offering price, advising on deal structure, preparing a selling memorandum, maximizing exposure by using our data base of buyers and network of M&A intermediaries, screening potential buyers, facilitating transaction negotiations, managing the close, while maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Services to the Buyer include:
Formulation of an acquisition criteria, access to a data base of businesses for sale, a search program that identifies and targets businesses that fit the buyer's criteria, providing an independent valuation of the target business, developing the information for a buyer’s due diligence study, identifying financing options, and facilitating negotiations.

Additional, fee based services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Market Strategies and Research
  • Financial Analysis

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